Google: ‘We are not a threat’

Posted in Publications by whuup on June 12, 2009

aobadfiohvdafGoogle is feeling really uncomfortable, because of the increasing attention of the American authorities. The company tries to convince journalists, politicians and publishers of its innocence. American supervisors started various studies at Google.

Painful things are point of discussion, for example the role of manager Eric Schmidt in the administration of Apple, supposed appointments about personnel management and a proposed agreement with book publishers concerning Google Books. The problems are all about the monopolistic side of the search engine. But.. Google says it does not form a threat to the world. Instead of a dominant search engine is Google an usual part of a large internet ecosystem, it claims.

Although the name ‘Google’ became a verb to descrive searching on the internet, Google claims it has competition of businesses as Amazon and Ebay. At the internet advertisement market, the business has the grand piece of that cake. 30% is for Google, and that’s far to much.